Eda Hardy is a great, caring, professional character with outstanding knowledge and skills

I met Eda some time ago and found her to be a deeply spiritual, professional and very special person. What makes her special, in my view, is the way in which Eda always puts her personal growth first. This was something that I very much admired as I know how important it is for us to understand that personal growth must come first, all else other things – sooner or later – tend to fail. In my humble opinion, Eda understands this and acts according to her beliefs and what she thinks is best.

When I had a session with Eda, I felt I was in very good hands. I was calm, peaceful and also knew I could trust her. I also had an amazing past life regression with Eda and end of the session I also learnt how to connect to my feelings and how to release the negative emotions from my body. The whole experience left me feeling great, knowable and refreshed; with Eda, I simply know I’m in expert hands.

She also has a strong spiritual background which makes her particularly refreshing when it comes to a good chat! Knowing that she does the best for her growth also tells me she will also look for her client’s best interest when it comes to her treatments.

A great, caring, professional character with outstanding knowledge and skills : )

– Patri Hernandez- Website Designer-

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