Welcome to the EFT Inner Child Transformation Training!

In this one-day training, you’ll discover the power of healing your Wounded Inner Child and how to use various powerful & transformative Inner Child techniques to heal and empower yourself and also the same for your clients.

What makes this program different?

This one-day training significantly emphasises the Wounded Inner Child and its impact on our lives. By utilising Inner Child Transformation techniques, you will learn how to overcome past limitations, easily heal childhood traumas, forgive others and develop empowering beliefs that can swiftly transform previous and current issues and so much more…

I have been developing powerful inner child healing techniques for over 12 years, and I will be sharing these powerful life-altering techniques with you so that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel while transforming your life. As the only EFT Advanced Practitioner and Master Trainer offering a money-back guarantee for my one-on-one work, my success is heavily dependent on my expertise and understanding of inner child healing.

This program is perfect for you

if you’re an EFT Level 1 or 2 students or any kind of EFT Practitioner looking to take your skills to the next level. You’ll better understand how the Inner Child relates to emotional freedom and learn powerful techniques for making peace with any relationship challenges.

You will learn how to:

Gain a deep understanding of Inner Child Healing and its impact on our lives

Learn Inner Child healing techniques to clear past and current limitations

Discover how to heal childhood trauma, powerlessness, and helplessness

Make peace with any relationship challenges

Create empowering beliefs to transform past and current issues rapidly

Unlock your and your client’s full potential and experience the power of Inner Child Healing

By the end of the training, you’ll have various tools and knowledge you need to heal your wounded inner child and change your life. You’ll be able to help your clients overcome emotional blocks and live life to the fullest. This program is a must for anyone who wants to unlock the full potential of EFT tapping and make a real difference in the lives of others.

So, if you’re ready to discover the power of your Inner Child Healing and transform your life and your clients’ lives, sign up for the Inner Child EFT Tapping Training Program today.

When is it taking place?

The actual training session is scheduled for 2nd December 2023, starting at 10 am UK time  and ending at around 5 pm UK time.

Special Early Bird Discount

Are you ready to embark on an extraordinary journey of transformative healing and personal growth? Get ready to be guided through powerful techniques that will connect you with your clients at a deep level and facilitate profound healing. Discover the simplicity of Inner Child healing techniques that will empower you to identify and address the root causes of emotional issues effortlessly.

With over 12 years of experience, I have developed a remarkable range of EFT Inner Child Healing techniques that have consistently delivered outstanding results for my 1:1 clients. In fact, I am so confident in their effectiveness that I offer a money-back guarantee. By mastering these techniques, you will not only transform your own life but also become a catalyst for lasting change in the lives of those you work with. It’s time to unlock your full potential and liberate yourself from the limitations of the past.

Rest assured that you will learn from a seasoned practitioner who has honed their skills in the art of facilitating profound change and transformation through Inner Child Healing. This is an exceptional opportunity to invest in yourself and elevate your life to extraordinary heights.

Please take note that the price for this training will increase to £555 closer to the training date. However, if you secure your spot now, you can take advantage of the current discounted one-time fee of £444. Don’t miss out on this golden chance to unlock the full potential of Inner Child EFT Tapping. Flexible payment plans are also available (please refer to the provided link).

Seize this incredible opportunity to take your skills to the next level and achieve remarkable success in both your personal and professional endeavours. Don’t let this opportunity slip away!

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