EFT International Group Mentoring Days

Become the Best EFT Tapping Practitioner with Eda, the Internationally Recognised Expert

Unlock your full potential and elevate your EFT skills with Eda, a renowned international expert. Join her EFT International Group Mentoring day to learn from the best and take your abilities to new heights. With a 100% success rate and a money-back guarantee, Eda’s transformative sessions empower individuals to overcome issues, fears, and traumas in just one session. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from the best and unlock your true potential in EFT.

Expand Your Knowledge and Grow Personally & Professionally

Eda, a two-time international bestselling author, spiritual guide, and Accredited Certified EFT Master Trainer, welcome Level 2 EFT practitioners to her mentoring days. This is your chance to discover new insights, address internal blocks, and scale your EFT business. Join like-minded practitioners in a supportive, fun, and inspiring online environment via Zoom. Prepare to enhance your existing EFT skills and make valuable connections within the EFT Centre community.

What to Expect at Eda’s Mentoring Days

  • Connect with other practitioners and build a supportive community
  • Discover and address internal blocks holding back your business’s growth
  • Learn effective strategies to scale your EFT business
  • Discuss specific challenges you encounter in your client work
  • Tap on issues relevant to your practice
  • Enhance your existing EFT skills
  • Share the latest insights, news, and developments in the field
  • Explore specific topics, including addictions, physical disease, and group work
  • Collaboratively brainstorm solutions for difficult client issues
  • Engage in role-playing to work through clients or personal challenges
  • Expand your professional network and join the thriving EFT Centre community
  • Unlock EFT International Mentoring Credit and More

Participating in Eda’s mentoring days grants you 6 hours of EFT International Mentoring Credit, fulfilling the requirements for Mentoring and Continuing Professional Development. Additionally, individual one-hour mentoring sessions are available to further support your progress. Don’t miss the chance to gain valuable credentials while benefiting from Eda’s expertise. Join the EFT International Mentoring Day From The Comfort Of Your Home

Online EFT Courses with Certification

Take advantage of Eda’s online EFT courses, designed for self-paced learning and EFT tapping certification. By enrolling in the course and attending Eda’s mentoring day, you’ll gain access to the latest techniques, strategies, and guidance directly from Eda, an EFT Master Trainer. Connect with fellow EFT practitioners and have your burning questions answered.

Secure Your Spot Now and Unlock Your Full Potential

Join the EFT International Group Mentoring Day and propel your EFT practice to new heights. Whether you’re just starting out or seeking to elevate your skills, this event is your stepping stone towards becoming an outstanding EFT practitioner. Remember, attendance at the mentoring day is a requirement for gaining and retaining accreditation by EFT International.

Fulfil Your EFT Membership Requirements

To renew your certified EFT membership, completing 30 hours of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and engaging in six hours of mentoring with an EFT International Trainer or Advanced Practitioner as your Mentor is crucial. Eda’s mentoring day offers the ideal opportunity to fulfil this requirement while benefiting from her extensive expertise.

Register Now and Seize the Opportunity

Don’t miss out on this invaluable chance to learn, grow, and thrive as an EFT practitioner. Register now for Eda’s EFT Mentoring Day and unlock your full potential.
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Why Attend EFT International Group Mentoring Day:

Attending the mentoring day is crucial for gaining and retaining accreditation by EFT International. Whether you are new to the profession after attending an EFT Level 2 course or have varying degrees of knowledge and experience, the mentoring day is designed to support your growth as an EFT practitioner. Fulfilling the six hours of mentoring is a requirement set by EFT International for achieving and maintaining its accredited practitioner status. By participating in this group mentoring day, you will fulfil these requirements.

Reasons to Attend EFT International Group Mentoring Day:

There are several reasons why people attend mentoring. If you are already an EFT therapist or aspire to become one, attending EFT Mentoring is essential for gaining and retaining accreditation by EFT International. The six hours of mentoring are a requirement for achieving accredited practitioner status, and they must be completed yearly to retain it. This mentoring day satisfies that requirement.

Who Should Attend?

EFT Mentoring is intended for those who are either training to become practitioners or qualified EFT Practitioners fulfilling their mentoring requirement set by EFT International, the accrediting body. If you have attended an EFT level 1, 2, or 3, or trainer training, and would like to enhance your skills and abilities in using EFT, this mentoring day is for you.

About Mentoring

Mentoring is not only about developing the mindset of a therapist, but it’s also about receiving peer support and taking your practice to the next level. It provides an opportunity to share knowledge and benefit from the collective experience of the group. During these mentoring sessions, you can discuss challenging cases, receive suggestions for alternative approaches, stay informed about changes within the profession, explore new techniques, and network with colleagues.

To renew your certified EFT membership for the upcoming year, it is essential to complete 30 hours of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and engage in six hours of mentoring with an EFT International Trainer or Advanced Practitioner serving as your Mentor. Check Out the table HERE to check the next EFT International Group Mentoring date.

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EFT International Group mentoring Day

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