With Eda, you will have every chance of total success and emotional freedom

I visited Eda after randomly selecting her from a Google search having been recommended to look into EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).

Her profile read well and was interesting but I went not knowing what was in the store and with my normal sceptical head-on.

She made me recount my problem area head-on and then applied her technique of attacking the subconscious mind which was the root of the problem. I had suffered for 12 yrs with intermittent bad recollections of memories which just wouldn’t go away but incredibly after one 90 minute session, Eda had erased them. So much so that even if I tried to recall them I was not able to. I know it sounds ridiculous but I can only say it as it is and after 3 weeks I feel totally different for the better. I don’t know if this will be long-lasting, Eda says it will be but nevertheless, I’m enjoying every positive second whilst I can.

I would not hesitate to recommend Eda and as long as you really want to be helped and really immerse yourself fully into the process you will have every chance of total success and emotional freedom.

Paul Ross- Director

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