Everything you do with Eda is an absolute life changer !

Everything you do with Eda is an absolute life changer!

I found Eda on Facebook when she started “Phoenix is Rising” Challenge (page’s name is Spiritual Self Mastery Lounge for Intuitive & Purpose Driven Entrepreneurs on Facebook) and I joined the deep dive Awakening Programme at the beginning.

Only 3 months later, my friends and my family asked me about what I did to shine 🙂 Changes are so obvious and enlightening, so I couldn’t stop myself to write a review here.

While attending the “awakening program”, I also started “one – on – one deep dive in transformation program”. It has been a life-changer for me. Especially on these lockdown days, I had many benefits from deep dive in program to get out of my worries and stress, you name it.

While working with Eda, I started learning “EFT and Tapping ” (Emotional freedom techniques) to heal myself and I earned ” Past life and between the lives regression” with one of her challenges she did on facebook.

When you start working with Eda, doors will open for you. Everything is getting easier, even your ancient worries will be gone.

I strongly recommend everyone reach and work with Eda.

Zeynep Betul

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