How to overcome Limiting Beliefs​

How to overcome Limiting Beliefs

How to Overcome Limiting Beliefs

How do we get programmed?

It is so important to know how to overcome our limiting beliefs. As you might know, limiting beliefs hold us back from achieving our dreams, our goals and claiming our unique voices.
As a Transformational Trauma and Mindset Expert, I see time and time again just how much limiting beliefs hold everyone back and how free we would be without these beliefs.

Our subconscious gets most of its programming with limiting beliefs before the age of 7 years old. As a child, we accept almost everything; we don’t question it.
There is no filter up until this age. So when our parents or anybody else says no to us or even raises their voice slightly at us, we don’t get the meaning behind their behaviour.
So when someone says no to us, we might take it as though we are not good enough; we are not valuable, we are not loveable.
Most of the remarks and reactions that we receive at early ages end up having a significant impact on our current reality and personality.
I see this pattern with my clients over and over again, and there is no conscious acknowledgement of it until they start working with me. Nevertheless, once we address the core issues, not the symptoms, their reality changes completely.
Once we take these negative beliefs on board, our subconscious minds run the programming in the background to let us know that most of our subconscious wishes are their commands.
So think about this.

How do you overcome your Limiting Beliefs?

If you want to build a strong, tall and long-lasting house, you will need a strong foundation.
If your house is built with bricks that say I am not good enough; I am not valuable, I don’t deserve love, all over them, how strong will your house be, how strong will your foundation be.
Our foundations have been created in our childhood without any filters and we have deeply buried these broken bricks in the foundation.
If your foundation is not solid and full of traumas, how does this show in your life? Let me tell you.
Self-doubt, procrastination, anxiety, stress, depression, self-sabotage, panic attacks, chronic illness…you name it.
If you want to overcome these symptoms, what do you do? You work on your foundation; you work on your subconscious. It is always internal work. It is the foundation that will give you the desired results that you need.
Suppose you want to create the life of your dreams. In that case, it is imperative to release and set yourself free from these stagnant, deeply rooted emotional blockages, limiting beliefs, traumas, and fears which still have a negative charge on your physical, mental and emotional health. These are the foundations that were created in your childhood.

What is a limiting belief?

A limiting belief is something we believe to be true about ourselves that keeps us from full self-expression, transformation and growth, and stops us from taking action on the things that matter to us. It prevents us from creating our dream lives.
These beliefs are usually formed from specific traumas and events that we’ve experienced and are reinforced via feedback loops throughout our lives.
Once we integrate the belief into our sense of self, we subconsciously find evidence to support it.

Signs of limiting beliefs include:

● Making excuses
● Procrastinating
● Keeping yourself small
● Trying to be perfect
● Jumping to conclusions
● Talking to yourself in unhelpful ways
● Creating more of the original feeling, often guilt, sadness, embarrassment, fear, or anger.

What do limiting beliefs look like?

Our negative beliefs have impacts on our thoughts, behaviours, perception and choices. Yet, when our life experiences challenge us, we somehow hide behind our limiting beliefs because they present a false sense of safety. As a result, it is easier to be in our comfort zone.
Every person’s limiting beliefs are different.

  • I am not good enough.
  • Not valuable
  • I am a failure
  • Not loveable
  • This is hard
  • This is hard because I am stupid.
  • People don’t like me as I am not smart.

Your core false limiting belief is deeply rooted; it’s been with you for most of your life. So it can take some deep thinking, journaling, and maybe even a private session to overcome it.
You’ll know you’ve landed on the belief when it feels like you’ve just been punched in the chest or stomach when you don’t want to say it out loud or share it with others. It might even bring tears to your eyes. You might even be embarrassed that you feel that way about yourself.

How to overcome your Limiting beliefs?

Just because you believe it, that doesn’t make it accurate. However, you do have to acknowledge it and be ready to let it go. And if you can do the work to overcome it, it’s key to unlocking your leadership, sharing your voice, and using your authenticity to make a difference in your career.
If you are going to tackle your own beliefs, unpacking your limiting beliefs can become a lifelong work.
You can monitor your thoughts daily and use your empowering statements daily.
Pay attention to your inner dialogue and notice when it includes statements that begin with “I always …,” “I’m always …,” or “I never ….”, “I am …negative” These default thoughts come up when we face hardship.
Find the source of the belief and bring awareness to your consciousness.
Create an empowering belief to replace the limiting belief; this will make a difference at a core level. Then, start using these empowering beliefs instead of limiting beliefs daily.
Work with me to overcome your limiting beliefs.

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