Importance of Personal Development and Growth

Importance of personal development

Importance of Personal Development and Growth

Have you ever wondered how different your life would have been if you knew then what you know now! I can easily say that my life would have been so different and much less painful. Life is not always easy, and unfortunately, we do not get an instruction book when we are born to improve personal development. We learn from our mistakes, from our parents, teachers and peer groups…etc. During our life journey, we do hit a couple of brick walls, stumble over big or small obstacles. Moreover, sometimes we get the necessary messages and grow; however, sometimes we don’t get the messages and struggle.

Listen to Your Emotions

Wouldn’t it be nice that when we were young and so innocent, people who have the right skills and experience explain to us what life is about and what we need to do to handle certain experiences, obstacles and emotions?
Everybody is born with an emotional support system. However, instead of listening and understanding them, we tend to ignore our emotions. Moreover, we shut down our feelings or completely misinterpret the messages. These will cause low self-esteem, our health and our happiness in the long term.

I firmly believe that we should take responsibility to teach our children certain life skills and tools, which will then help them be confident, happy, and fulfilled individuals. The children are our future; without teaching our children the right skills and tools, how can we ensure that the future will be bright and appealing? For this reason, personal development teaches us how to create a lasting change within ourselves and others and help us achieve our goals and desired lifestyle. Just like trees, we need strong roots that hold us steady during the most horrendous storms. If we gain strong and healthy roots during our childhood, we will produce the best fruits and stand strong against the difficult conditions that we might face during our lives.

Personal development starts with understanding yourself

Personal development starts with understanding yourself, knowing your core values, your beliefs and understanding your passion. When we are young, they are apparent. But, unfortunately, due to certain upbringings and experiences, we forget them until we start refocusing them again. Sometimes it is hard to go back and dig them out as we collect so much baggage over the years.

Imagine if you are 7 years old and an expert sits down with you and goes through your values, beliefs, and passions. Then, they teach you all the tools and skillsets to overcome any obstacles you might encounter in your journey to happiness and fulfilment. You will know exactly who you are, where you are going and what you need to do to get there. Wouldn’t it be nice! I am that expert; I am passionate about teaching children self-development skills and tools so that they grow up to be happy and confident individuals. I am offering many tools for confidence, peace, happiness and lifetime fulfilment.

With Love

Eda x

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