VIP experience with Eda, your very own Transformation Queen, when it comes to discovering YOUR INTERNAL BLOCKS & crushing your INNER LIMITATIONS at a subconscious level and elevating your CONSCIOUSNESS level.

We’ll upgrade your mindset and raise your consciousness level in a day so you can experience more impact, peace & more confidence.

‘VIP Day Experience’ is 4 hours online coaching experience custom designed to help you get unstuck to move forward in your life and ascension journey. This will have a lasting impact on your soul for eternity! 

Think of it as the ‘fast track pass’ to help you overcome your blocks and fears at the subconscious level to enable you to elevate your consciousness and finally experience more peace and joy in your life.

We will spend an intensive 4 hours on zoom, just you and me- following my own proven signature programme to get you out of a stuck place. My undivided attention is focused on you.

1st Session (worth £500). You will work with me as a Subconsciousness Transformation Queen. To identify the specific subconscious reasons why you’ve tried everything yet nothing seems to be advancing the pursuit of your life goals, we will go deeply into both your conscious and subconscious minds to identify the current negative programs and beliefs.

2nd session (Worth £500). A private, customized EFT and NLP session where I help you overcome your limiting belief, traumatic experience, or specific fear preventing you from living the life you want. I help you lower your stress and worry over your limitations, such as lack of money or a fear of being seen, and I elevate your nervous system to raise your vibration.

3rd session ( Worth £500).With the help of a Future Life Regression session, we can rewire your brain for the life your heart desires, making it simpler for you to make the decisions that will enable you to live the life and have the impact you desire.

>>Bonus 1- (worth £500) £500 worth of credit to use towards my 1:1 Deep Dive in Transformation Signature Program.

>>Bonus 2 (worth£250)– You’ll get a 30-minute checkpoint 2 weeks later to check your progress & answer any questions you might have.

>>Bonus 3(worth £250)Plus access to my membership for 30 days

Usually, we will break in between sessions so you can grab some food & have a break.


It is your chance to discover why my clients always say that working with me was the best decision and investment of their lives.

Worth £2500