So I’m really thankful for Eda’ help and time to help me and others!

I had a couple of Emotional Transformation sessions with Eda and the change I was going through was amazing!

I wasn’t expecting anything so powerful and life-changing!

I had a couple of severe traumas and with her help, I was able to change the bad feeling and set my mind free. I gain more confidence and self-worth! The EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) also helped me with craving and addiction, so I warmly advice to everyone!

The best decision I made in my life to take part in Eda’s program SSMC (Spiritual Self Mastery Club) where I learn how to be the best version of myself, to find my weakness and turn it to be my strength, how to work on traumas, how to heal, how to find my purpose in life, how to live my life freely and happily and so many things…

So I’m really thankful for her help and time to help me and others!

If everyone will be like her, this world would be a happy and peaceful place to live in! 🤗

Monika Ujvari

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