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  • If you can tap into your spiritual purpose and stay aligned to your soul?
  • If you were meant for something much bigger than yourself?
  • If you had a soul purpose or mission? If you can improve your intituition and learn how to connect with your guides?
  • Why do you still feel a bit lost despite reading many spiritual self-development books and attending many courses?
  • Why is it hard to speak to others about your awakening experiences?

If you have answered yes to any of the questions, come and join us

The Spiritual Self Mastery Club is for
Intuitive Entrepreneurs,  Lightworkers and Empaths

who are experiencing Spiritual Awakening and are ready to follow their Spiritual Path,
supercharge their spiritual connection and
stay in touch with the calling of their soul.

The SPIRITUAL SELF MASTERY CLUB is for you if you want to discover…

  • How to break free from your fears, past conditioning and struggles to find your soul’s purpose…
  • How to eliminate those subconscious limiting beliefs and stories that have kept you trapped in your current non-serving reality!
  • How to start your magical journey to discover your true authentic self and fulfil your destiny.
  • How to discover your true self.
  • How to become a creative master architect of your life.
  • How to see straight through the limitations of who you truly are
  • How to create a path to true fulfilment, joy, and inner peace
  • How to find your life purpose that lights your soul on fire
  • How to facilitate your very own deep transformation while also going through challenges
  • How to have the inner power and congruency to say “NO” to things which are no longer serving you
  • How to find your voice and connect with your intuition
  • How to reclaim your own power back and feel congruent with your calling AND MUCH MORE..

What I offer …

Awaken Program

Weekly video training sessions

Bi-weekly channelled meditations

Bi-weekly accoutability calls

Accountability pods

Expert Speakers

Bi-Weekly live group training

Raised Vibrations

Private Facebook Community

High Vibrational Community

What I offer …


First person who signs up with the SSMC

Eda Hardy Profile photo

Eda Hardy

Emotional Wellbeing Transformation Expert, Trauma and Mindset Specialist

1:1 90 minutes Emotional transformation session with Eda

Every club member gets this bonus

Eda Hardy Profile photo

Amy Joy

Genuine Confidence Specialist

Shifting from People Pleasing to CREATRIX & QUEEN masterclass

Every club member gets this bonus

Eda Hardy Profile photo

Sneha Ramji

Healer, Coach, Meditation Teacher

Chakras and Energy centres and Chakra balancing meditation masterclass

Every club member gets this bonus

Eda Hardy Profile photo

Viki Vallance-Clark

Proctor Gallagher Institute consultant

True purpose e-book

Every club member gets this bonus

Eda Hardy Profile photo

Kirsten Ivatts

Proctor Gallagher Institute consultant

Reclaiming Lost Energy e-book

The Awaken Program

Awareness & Self discovery

Emotional freedom and mindset are key to any successful business and happy life. We will be diving deep into your mindset to identify your blockages, fears and limiting beliefs that are stopping you from moving forward in life

Wisdom of healing The human experience

Discover how to release and heal past emotional traumas, fears and stories that are stopping you from stepping into your calling

AWAKEN Emotional Resilience

Building Emotional Resilience and setting healthy boundaries. Feeling stronger, more empowered and confident.

Know and Discover Self Love

Building Emotional Resilience and setting healthy boundaries. Feeling stronger, more empowered and confident.

Embody your Authentic self

Peeling back the layers and becoming your authentic self. Explore and align your thought process with their calling to get you to step into the best version of yourself

Notice your gifts and Explore your Life purpose

By leaving your past pain and conditioning behind, you will get more clarity on your life purpose and the life you desire

Remember that you have seeds of greatness within you and it is your time to grow and shine now!

Hi! My name is Eda Hardy.

I am a Mission-Driven Emotional Wellbeing Transformation Expert, Trauma and Mindset Specialist. I am also a Spiritual Mystery School Guide.

I use the combination of mindset, emotional and spiritual tools to help Purpose-Driven Healers, Coaches, Therapists, Lightworkers and Empaths to rapidly heal from their deep past traumas, fears and subconscious blocks at an energetic level. This allows them to reconnect with their inner fire, claim their power back and be empowered to start using their intuition and spiritual gifts to fearlessly pursue their life’s mission.

I am a personal Mentor, Therapist, NLP Coach, Crystal Energy Healer, Hypnotherapist, Energy Expert, Manifestation Guide, Spiritual Guide, Accountability Partner, and Highly Intuitive Trauma and Mindset specialist and Personal Growth Expert all rolled into one.

Here is what is included in the SPIRITUAL SELF MASTERY CLUB membership

  • Month by month you are given exclusive access to my proven pre-recorded bite-size training videos in the AWAKEN training program which can help you transform your life. 
  • Group coaching calls every month to ask me questions 
  • Go at your own pace, watch the replays on your own time, and use the resources. No pressure!
  • Each AWAKEN training session will give you breakthroughs and raise your vibrations further. 
  • Get the monthly membership ‘SSMC Members’ price with special bonuses.
  • As a member, you will be at the heart of our community, you will be given priority and special discounts to upcoming programs/training.
  • Option to purchase 1:1 sessions with Eda at a special member’s only rate
  • A Private Facebook Community- Join a group of peers who understand and support you.
  • Accountability, to keep you moving forward toward your goals.
  • You have a chance of becoming a member of ‘Spiritual Self Mastery Club’ at a low member price for the entire first year of your membership.
  • Transformational toolkits which you can use on yourself to transform your life AND MUCH MORE…


Eda is amazing! I’ve attended several of her workshops and she has opened my eyes to a whole new world. When I first met her, I was suffering from health problems caused by stress. I was also struggling to work through the stages of grief after the death of my father. I’d have to write a novel to explain everything I’ve learned from Eda but in summary, I will say that what she does works. I wanted to learn how to better manage stress – she taught me how to do this …. And so much more. She set me off on a path of self-discovery and enlightenment and she’s there to guide me along the way. I can’t recommend Eda highly enough.

— Joanne Wallace —

When I first saw Eda four years ago, I was a different person. I look back at the old me, filled with angst, anxiety and self-doubt and feel sorry for the poor girl in such a turmoil of emotional pain. Eda took me on a fascinating journey of self-discovery, self-healing and making sense of all lessons I needed to learn to become who I am now. I was a little bit sceptical having had some less than helpful coaches in the past, however, this was much different, I felt like your insights were non-judgemental but really cut to the core of what my issues were. Eda is committed to healing and has used a range of techniques including EFT to facilitate my recovery. Eda was very empathetic, professional and flexible regarding how we approached the critical emotions that lay underneath everything I was saying. In a short time, I felt much better at identifying some of the broad themes that were causing my anxiety. I found the DNA Activation particularly helpful in that regard. I am now happier than I have ever been and feel more confident to move forward with my life with a much stronger ability to cope with anything life throws at me in the future.

— Dominika Pater —

Eda possess the ability to feel you, see inside of you! In your deepest fear and desires. After only the first sessions with Eda, I was able to recognize what was blocking me from achieving my goals. Before meeting Eda, I was like sitting in a big sports car (like a Porsche!!) ready to go but unable to start the car and hit the road. Eda helped me to find answers to some questions I had for such a long time. And now that I know where my biggest problem is, I know the solution. Eda has given me the courage and the support to take those small steps. Working with Eda is like…”Close Encounter with the Third Kind” 😉 After that, your life will never be the same. She is pure love and kindness. There are not enough words in the English dictionary which could sum up all the gratitude I feel for her and her support. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. This wonderful woman just cannot be from this planet … I think she’s an incarnated angel.

— Nana Auran —

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