Purpose Of Life and My Own Oneness Experience​

Purpose of Life and My Own Oneness Experience​

What is the Purpose Of Life?

As a child and young adult, I have always wondered about the meaning and purpose of life. Why are we here? What is the purpose of us coming to planet earth? It has been hard to believe that we are all here just to reproduce, get a job, have children, and die.

I always felt that there was something so much bigger than us taking place in the background. There was a bigger purpose, a bigger picture that not everyone was able to see. So I have never stopped searching, looking for that bigger picture. ​

What is Oneness?​

Mystics, shamans, Spiritual Gurus, and just regular people throughout history mention ‘Oneness,’. Oneness means we are all connected; we are all one. It is hard to grasp this concept mentally. When you look at the atoms that comprise matter, they are actually 99.99% space. The 0.01% that is not space is what we call the matter. More and more research shows that there is a field that transcends time and space and connects everything. Many people who have had near-death experiences mentioned their oneness experience in the “other realm” when they were dead. Even after all this knowledge, I still could not comprehend that we all can be connected!!

Even though I have gone through some massive spiritual, emotional and physical experiences in my life, it has been so hard to understand the purpose of life and how we can be all connected. How is this possible !! I just couldn’t see it. To be honest, I thought, ‘how could I be one with a rapist, criminal, or child molester’, I have found it impossible to relate to these kinds of people, let alone being one with them.

I am a mission-driven person, and I know that my mission is to help people heal and shift their mindset to ignite their inner fire so that they are empowered to live an abundant, successful, and fulfilling life.

How can I be one with these criminals!! This concept never made sense to me, but I continue to pursue it. As I know, reading and even believing something in your head is one thing, but knowing it from your own experience is another.​

My Oneness Experience

One ordinary day I was on a train, travelling from London to home. It was raining, and I was looking at the people on the platform and watching the rain simultaneously. I was in the moment, no thought, no resentment, no judgment, just me and the rain. It suddenly dawned on me; in my vision, I saw that we are all one massive consciousness, just like the clouds. We are all connected one way or another. We were like raindrops. I saw each person falling on Earth in different locations, just like raindrops. I realised in that second that we all decided to come to earth to have our own independent life experiences. These life experiences depend on the locations and families that we land on, just like the raindrops.

If some raindrops land on the pavement, they would have completely different experiences than those landing on railways or even on fire. I suddenly realised how hungry we all are for these various life experiences. This collective consciousness wants to know our reactions, what feelings and emotions happen with each experience; it wants to learn and grow and almost master itself. It wants to experience love, disappointment, betrayal, anger, fear, failure …from different perspectives of each consciousness.

Suddenly it all made sense to me. I understood the purpose of life. I felt this massive connection and love towards other humans that I never felt before. Each life experience changes people’s values, beliefs, and behaviours, but we’re all part of the same consciousness looking for growth, mastery, and expansion. We have chosen different paths to experience various lessons, connections, and emotions..etc.

And Finally,​

I was able to experience a profound sense of oneness. I was suddenly able to see parts of me in others and others in me. I felt a sense of freedom and liberation rising within me; something has woken up. There was this sense of overwhelming oneness and connectivity with everything. Every tiny atom and molecule has a unique purpose and place in the universe, and nothing is out of place. Everything is perfect the way it is.

Rumi said, ‘You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop.”. This oneness description did not make sense to me previously; I think I just had to experience it myself. I found it interesting how my guides showed the concept of oneness to me using clouds as a metaphor, however thinking about it now, there; however, I believe is there is not much difference between clouds and oceans. They both represent a massive consciousness. Maybe we can even call clouds “sky oceans”. We all come from God, and we go back to God, the same as clouds. Every raindrop comes from the clouds and eventually goes back to the clouds.

In 1971, Dr Edgar Mitchell became the sixth person to walk on the Moon. While in space, Dr Edgar had a spiritual oneness experience that made him realise that

Everything and everyone is interconnected and originates from the same source as well.​

Here’s a video of Dr Edgar Mitchell explaining his experience in space:​
YouTube Video of Dr Edgar Mitchell

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