The Hidden Secrets of Your Shadow

Overcome your shadow self

The Hidden Secrets of Your Shadow

The shadow is the reason we do certain things or respond in a certain way without fully understanding why we do it.
It is the hidden part of your mind that organizes your thoughts and emotions.
Most of the time, it is hidden in the darkness of your subconscious mind for a good reason.
However, it can emerge unexpectedly when trouble is brewing or as a scary force when unprepared.
The shadow develops as certain life events/people convince us that certain aspects of ourselves are good, and some are bad.
You have a reason to suppress, ignore, and deny anything that has a negative meaning.
Although the shadow is unseen, it infuses everything we do.
When we deny or ignore part of us, it doesn’t just disappear.
It can fade away from our awareness and hide in shadows.
When you experience the shadow, you are fragmented internally.
It is almost as if two people are operating your life simultaneously.
There are various ways to acknowledge and dissolve our shadow.
First, notice your own projection onto others!!
This is very common behaviour for people who haven’t dealt with their shadow side yet.
When they dislike something in themselves, they don’t like the people who represent them.
They often project their shadows onto others – their repressed anger, guilt, shame, and other traits they don’t like about themselves.
Just remember that people, places, and things cast a mirror and reflect who we are because the universe works tirelessly to make us whole again.

Time to notice

Start noticing how you project yourself to others.
Start noticing if you put others down to make yourself look better than others…
If you blame others for the things you don’t like about yourself.
If you take credit for other people’s accomplishments.
Even give them names that you know deep down represent who you are.
Everyone is on their journey.
Nobody is better than you, or you are better than them.
Once you know this, you are on your way to mastery.
It is time to become aware of your shadow self, accept it and raise your consciousness.

With Love

Eda xox

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