Not sure if you are an Empath or not!!

are you an empath

If you are not sure if you are an empath,πŸ‘‡ Check this out!

βœ… You have a deep sense of “knowing.”

βœ… You have been labelled as “overly sensitive,” shy, or introverted.

βœ… You often feel like you don’t fit in.

βœ… You are drained by crowds and need alone time to revive yourself.

βœ… You find water to have powerful cleansing properties.

βœ… You are an adventure seeker who loves travel and spontaneity.

βœ… You feel other people’s emotions, pains, illnesses, and stresses.

βœ… You experience mood swings and may be unpredictable.

βœ… You’re sensitive to chaos in TV shows, radio programs, movies, and real life.

βœ… You have a tendency toward addictive behaviour.

βœ… You are involved in healing, holistic health, and wellness.

βœ… You have a rabid curiosity in seeking the truth.

βœ… You are interested in spirituality and metaphysical arts.
If you agree with the above statements, you are likely an empath.

Being empathic has excellent benefits such as greater intuition, compassion, creativity and a deeper connection to other people, animals and nature.

However, it comes with different challenges such as becoming easily overwhelmed, hard to let go of the past, being over-stimulated, exhausted or absorbing the stress and negativity of others.

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