What are Past Life and Interlife Regression?

Past Life regression

Past Life Regression

Most spiritual people believe that we reincarnate over a series of lifetimes so that our souls can learn, grow and evolve.

Whether they believe in reincarnation or not, Past-life regression can be a transformative and empowering process for anyone.

Regardless of what everyone believes, past-life regression can be profoundly healing. It is a great way to transform unresolved issues of the past that still exert a powerful influence on the present.

Past-life regression is also an excellent tool in assisting you with understanding the issues that may be holding you back from encountering the blissful and dynamic life you want.

Past life regression takes a person back through a timeline to their previous lives/ incarnations. During past life or interlife regression, we can access recollections, memories, experiences and encounters that our conscious brain generally can not access.

✅  Past Life Regression can help with your soul’s vision and lessons our soul wanted to learn in this life (Inter-Life) or our past-life experiences.

✅  It can help you understand why you feel a deep connection with places or people in this lifetime.

✅  It can assist you in identifying physical issues you currently have, which can be possible remnants of a past life.

✅  It can help us acknowledge the key lessons we have learned throughout those lives.

✅  It can retrieve and heal traumatic memories from past lives.

✅  It can help us release the energetic hold these events have on us and integrate the information we learned from these past experiences so that we can have a fuller, more meaningful life.

✅  It can bring profound healing and change as we re-experience and understand the reason and outcomes of our past lives.

✅  It can help us collect knowledge and wisdom about ourselves, a deep understanding of our hidden agendas, and the complex nature of our personality as we delve into forgotten subconscious memories.

Our unexplained personality, limiting patterns, emotions, negative limiting beliefs, fears and phobias can be the manifestation of all the memories and past life experiences we have stored in our subconscious mind.

Inner-Life Regression

Inter-Life regression helps us understand the soul’s memories in the spiritual realms as we prepare to incarnate into this life. Our soul’s mission is to grow spiritually and master itself. Accessing these memories can help us remember what we set out to learn and therefore become more aligned with our soul’s purpose. 

It will help you to understand the bigger picture of your life and questions relating to your mission and purpose and empower you to integrate and embrace it more fully into being.

We review your current life vision with your Masters, Teachers, and Guides during the session. When we work with the energy of the Interlife space, we can anchor the energy and knowledge into the current life.


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Frequent questions about a past life or interlife regression:

Will I remember my session?:

Yes, you will. You will be in a profoundly relaxed state and completely mindful throughout the session. You will be able to see, sense or feel it and also answer the question easily. 

What will happen during my session?:

Eda will take you through 1 or 2 past lives during a session. The sessions are 60 -90 minutes long. So regardless of whether we end up visiting many lives or becoming more focused on one particular life will be up to the client and where they are guided. 

Often, clients will discover lives that they have shared with people they are here now in the present time with. Each life explored is a journey or an adventure. People are often happily surprised to learn about important life lessons or healing opportunities for them to explore further in this life.

Is it a guarantee that I will go back in time?:

Eda can not guarantee this will happen but rarely someone cannot travel back to a past life. If you have concerns, please let Eda know in advance.

If you are interested in booking a past life regression with Eda, please apply HERE

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